Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Year of Growing, Living, Learning, and Fun!!!

Good Morning!

It has been  a while since my last blog.  This momma needed a long break to focus on what was important. But now seems like a good time to come back and share and hopefully encourage those in need of encouragement during their homeschooling journey.

It's a new day, a new season, a new year to enjoy growing, living, learning, and having fun together as family!

Feel free to browse around, make comments, or ask questions while I do some house keeping on this blog and look for something worth while to share.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the trip!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Get a free 1 yr subscription and more from Home Educating Family Magazine...

Over at Homeschool Giveaways and Freebies, you can get a 1 year subscription to the Home Educating Family Magazine and 3 e-books : Avoiding Common Back to School Mistakes, Ages and Stages, and Focus on Special Needs.

Just head over to Homeschool Giveaways and Freebies for more information and claims these freebies-Good through October 25th, 2013.

Enjoy the Ride!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Book "Spotlight"...Cinnabar, The One O'clock Fox

We recently read "Cinnabar: The One O'clock Fox" by Marguerite Henry for our Read-a-Loud:
(Recommended Reading Ages: 8 and up)

We borrowed this book from our local library -recommended as a Read-a-Loud in the Noah Plan Curriculum while studying George Washington.  I haven't used the Noah Plan as our primary curriculum in a while. But I'm still drawn to it's Biblical Principle focus in all areas of learning and life, and occasional reference their guides, as well as, use the book lists.

Story is based on a supposed legend of a fox that would appear at exactly one o'clock to be hunted  by George Washington and his party of hunters.  Marguerite Henry writes from the perspective of the fox (who displays human qualities) and his enjoyment of the chase. Our family very much enjoy the light hearted adventure and has sparked an interest of learning of foxes and their behavior.  This story, also, added another dimension to our first president as not only our first leader and general-but an avid hunter.

Should you pick this up, I hope you enjoy it as much as our family did.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More Freebies!!!!...Homeschool Enrichment Magazine

All issues from 2012 of the Homeschool Enrichment Magazine are available for download for free for a limited time.  This is very time sensitive, so click the link and get your freebie now!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Quality Christian Ebooks...

Homeschool Giveaways has a 12 Classical Ebook freebie event going on now and ending on
August 16th - sponsored by Quality Christian Ebooks.

Click the here or the link above to check out this Freebie.

Click here to learn more about Quality Christian Ebooks.

Enjoy the Ride!

Math Mammoth-Freebie!

Math Mammoth
Maria Miller @ Math Mammoth from the goodness of her heart is giving a way one of her math e-books for a limited time
(now - August 18th).

Our family (three/five children) use Math Mammoth.  I have really been blessed with the purchase and use of her materials. It's reasonably priced and leads up to independent learning which is a blessing for mamas of multiple learners.  Like every homeschool mama who sits and ponders are their kids really getting what they need out of a curriculum- I started to doubt it's effectiveness, because in the back of my mind was "What if there's something better?"  Then over the summer break my children have showed how much they learned and understand the concepts taught to them through this curriculum.  This put to rest any doubts or insecurities I had developed.  And again, I trust and love Math Mammoth. :)

So, go ahead and click the link above and take advantage of  this free offer.

Note:  I do not get compensated for this referral.  We use this curriculum and have been blessed by it educationally and financially.

Happy Homeschooling and Enjoy the Ride!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Preparing for the Next School Year 2

Are you new to homeschooling and looking for direction?  Are you already homeschooling looking for some encouragement?

Go ahead and visit these blogs - you just might find what you're looking for!


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